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    why join exercise together classes?

    I have much more energy and have lost 6 inches from my waist. Planning what I have makes my meals much more tastier and I'm actually enjoying my food these days. Thanks for all your help and support.

    Georgina 21.05.21


    I am down 7lbs on week 4 and on track to be down a clothes size at the end of week 6. My energy levels are great and sleeping really well. Thanks for all your support. The weekly check ins have given me that accountability & motivate me for the week ahead.

    Denise 21.05.21


    I was ready to move away from weight watchers and try something different. Since starting Sarah's classes I am already reaping the rewards. I have much more energy since changing around what I eat and when I eat. I love the post baby exercise & Pilates, I really feel my core and pelvic floor strength increase too. In 5 weeks so far I have lost 10lbs , 2-3 inches gone from my waistline.

    Susan 12.07.21

    It's been the best thing I've ever done for me and I thank Sarah for being there for me keeping me going and staying on track the whole time. I would strongly recommend this class for toning maintaining and getting fit. Joanne

    I can’t get over how far I have come since starting this class it has literally turned things around for me both physically and mentally. Siobhan

    An incredible motivator and is so passionate about what she does it’s hard for it not to be contagious. You’ll want to be the best version of yourself and with these classes you will be in no time! 


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