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postnatal pilates

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As a new mum starting and getting back into exercise needs to be specific and progressive. What better way to spend your maternity leave than with other like-minded mums together at exercise together. Using a combination of post natal breathing, posture alignment & core activation post natal pilates, helping to retrain the all important pelvic floors, together with resistance training to give us that element of strength & stability that every new mum needs to carry out her day day feeling supported from the inside out. Promoting the importance of health, exercise and connection within the community.

Offering small group sessions for all stages post partum alongside 1-2-1 training for more specific personal goals.

Please contact us below to let us know what stage you are at post pregnancy and we can guide you to the correct course for you to start with. No matter how old baby/toddler or teen is :) we look to build the foundation needed to support the system in order to progress and assist with the over changing body.



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