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women's health wexford

Our next course starts Tuesday April 2nd.

Join us for 4-8 weeks at a time.

Beginners - Improvers group.


The goal of a practice like Pilates is to increase the strength & ability of the core or as Joseph Pilates called it "the powerhouse". This is achieved through the recruitment /activation of smaller muscles to maintain alignment and positioning while challenging the range of motion and strength of the more powerful ones. Teaching an understanding of body awareness, how to change our own habitual patterns, allowing us to feel the benefits of breathing from the diaphragm, understanding its importance for pelvic floor health and feeling first hand how our posture can impact not only how we stand, sit, walk, but how we feel, how we breathe and how we function.


Finding a practice like pilates after an injury or postpartum can help to re-establish stability through the core whilst working the body through different ranges of motion. Teaching & practicing breath awareness can have so many benefits to Women's Health; managing pressure related to prolapse, calming of the nervous system, facilitating healing, and promoting restful sleep to name a few. Breathing alone can create balance & support from the inside out.

We have no post natal pilates classes running at this time. Please contact if you would like more information.