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    Exercise Together - Sarah Davey - Owner & Director

    Sarah Davey

    owner & director

    Exercise & Food are two huge passions of mine. And to me, they go hand in hand together. I am a mother of three nearly taller than me children and owner and director of exercise together Ireland. I am hugely passionate about what I do. Working with women, I provide personal training and group sessions locally, promoting the importance of health, exercise & connection for everyone. Bringing together mum's, families and groups to form lifelong healthy habits. One of my most favorite classes over the years I set up was the family fitness together sessions, seeing mums and sons, dad and daughters all exercising together. Keeping active, eating healthy and cooking together are super important key factors for lifelong healthy habits. It's a family affair.



    "After having children getting back to exercise played a vital role in my journey as a new mum as it allowed me the space and time for me . The past 14 years through the experience of other disciplines such as yoga, meditation, & pilates alongside my weight & fitness training, it has allowed me to experience a sense of wellness on all different levels.


    I am a qualified physical therapist, personal trainer and post natal pilates coach. Learning to work from the inside out, supporting the body with breath first and secondly with movement through re-connection sets up a great foundation for a healthy recovery. Post partum recovery has become the sole focus of all our programs no matter what age your youngest baby is. Helping us to become aware of our posture, how we hold ourselves, how we support ourselves and how we breathe. Feeling the freedom within the body through breath helps us to build confidence & strength in all of our daily challenges and movements. And you'll as a Mum, our daily responsibilities are endless we never stop moving and there are always things to be done :)

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    Understanding the importance that exercise and connection plays in a new new mums journey allowed me to the develop Exercise Together as a complete program. It has evolved over many years into a specific exercise program aimed at mothers/females looking for support, motivation and realistic exercise and nutrition support which not only allows them to get back in shape but also to feel great too. Putting emphasis on education in terms of healthy eating which they can pass on to their kids and family. Finding time to exercise is one thing but knowing what to do and how to do it is another. I create a space where women can exercise and get all the advice they need while baby and toddler can come along too and share in the journey together.


    Creating this space means a journey can be shared between mothers, women, and families sharing stories and advice in a friendly safe environment.


    Louis Davey :Nutritional therapist/Health & Fitness consultant/Personal trainer . With over 27yrs within the Health & Fitness industry, working within corporate Health & wellness sector for the past 17 years. He has vast experience working with both one-one clients and group training. Qualifications ranging from Strength & conditioning, Krav maga self defense, CrossFit coach, NLP Practitioner and Physical Therapy.  

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    I love Sarah's classes. This is my 2nd time round post baby with Sarah 1st time was in a group setting and 2nd time online and the online are just as good as the in person. Sarah tailors individual exercises to meet your level and talks you through each one...which I need. Plenty of options from strength & conditioning, pilates, yoga all which help to improve your core, pelvic floor and other areas. She will also guide you with nutrition as well. I would highly recommend. 
    Sylvia 18.03.21
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