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restorative yoga is a beautiful gentle practice that helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system assisting the complete slowdown of the body and mind in a beautiful supportive environment. This allows you to fall deep into a full body relaxation whilst being guided through each step, helping you to leave that busy day behind. enjoy bathing in the stillness, re-connecting to your body, becoming present in the moment, leaving your mind and body feeling fully rested, revived and restored for whatever life brings your way.


yoga nidra - "sleep well" be guided through a beautiful relaxation specific to sleeping well. Allowing your body & mind to completely let go and be guided to a deep restful place. This class is ideal for the person who finds it hard to fall asleep at night or who wakes frequently. When life get so busy this really is “your time” to experience total bliss through relaxation.

discover other elements that may be causing you to stay awake when you should be sleeping, create awareness and learn to form new habits to get new results and feel truly fully rested after a great quality sleep.


pregnancy yoga - a practice for mums-to-be where they can slow down, connect and tune into themselves and baby in a supportive, relaxing space together with other mums on the same journey. Helping to adjust to the many changes that occur inside and outside our bodies during pregnancy. Some of the benefits; relaxing through breath and awareness; practice of mindulness; movements & exercises to help alleviate pain & discomfort; different sleeping positions; positons for an active labour.