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Yoga can help strengthen the mind allowing you to take a step back from every day stresses and equip yourself with life skills to react/deal with things differently. Yoga class prepares the body and mind for the stresses our our busy lives though specific postures to strengthen and tone the body and quieten the mind. Introducing a regular yoga practice as part of your fitness lifestyle is hugely beneficial to the body and this is evident in the overall results you experience through your increased strength, flexibility and mobility.

There are so many health benefits experienced when practicing yoga, it helps to calm the nervous system, decrease stress levels & helps with anxiety. When working with the body through specific postures and linking in the breath, you help to improve flexibly, mobility, strength and in turn you help you tone the muscles of the body improving posture. Each class is followed by our Sleep Well relaxation which helps to induce the mind and body into a deep restful sleep.

You can check our timetable here or contact us for more information.

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