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Post Natal Pilates


Our courses start next week Tuesday 24th & Friday 27th January. Our Tuesday is now fully booked for our 10:00am class and we have a waiting list. If you only have Tuesdays free in your busy week, please let us know and we can add you to our waiting list and if we have enough interest we may look at putting on a second class. We also have places in our Friday morning class if you want to start next week!

The 6 week Post Natal Pilates course will run every tuesday and friday mornings 10am to 11am in our new Wexford town location where you can bring baby along. This course helps to retrain, re-connect and reintroduce movement to the post pregnancy body using post natal breathing techniques, posture alignment exercises & teaches core activation through pilates, helping to support the all important pelvic floors, together with resistance training to give us that element of strength & stability that every new mum needs to carry out her day day feeling supported from the inside out. Whether you have previously exercised or are a beginner, post natal pilates is a great way to get you on your journey towards or back to fitness after pregnancy.

Looking forward to the next few months, Sarah



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