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Pregnancy Together

Your fitness and exercise plan is tailored for your ever changing body during pregnancy

For the active mam who likes to continue training during pregnancy whilst preparing her body & mind for babies arrival. Her fitness and exercise plan is tailored for her ever changing body during pregnancy while in her pre-natal yoga, movement and breath-work is the main focus. Pregnancy Yoga is designed to support the changes that happen to a woman’s prenatal body. Not only does it tone & strengthen the physical body, especially the pelvic floor in preparation for birth but also helps to increase flexibility & mobility using gentle & specific postures that can be practiced during the first, second and third trimester. Pregnancy yoga classes generally focus on poses that strengthen the muscles used during childbirth linking breath & movement, while also increasing stamina. Specific breathing techniques are used that will support you through the physical demands during your pregnancy, labor and birth.

Choose from Exercise Together morning classes or evening classes & our Pregnancy Yoga classes. Payment can be made here by choosing one or two classes per week.

Check our timetable here or contact us for more information.

Exercise Together Timetable
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