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If you feel you could benefit from online coaching & personal training click the button below and tell me what it is you would like to achieve/work on during a 6 week program.  

whether you are a new mum chasing your tail not knowing what day it is/ you have a busy home life, a very stressful work life or you are hard at work studying or starting a new business, life can get so busy. always on the go doing things for others. often, we find, we forget about ourselves. feel your strength ladies. there is no better feeling. get that work/life balance so that you feel like you have a life after your working day no matter what that looks like. look after your health and feel connected from the inside out and schedule in your workouts/tme out like important meetings you just can’t miss out on, that way you only have yourself to answer to if you.

One to one training or small group personal training can be arranged for more specific training requirements/ post pregnancy conditions.


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