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Morning Escape

Reset your mind, body and soul in Nature

Morning Escape

A morning of outdoor Yoga movement and breathing taking in the elements of nature, feeling the energy of the flowing river, surrounded by the woodland garden & forest and the blissful chorus of the many birds that live there. 

Followed by light refreshments and a dip in the River, refreshing the mind, the body and the soul, and revitalizing the spirit allowing you to reset the system and continue your weekend feeling fully nourished and restored.  

Date: Saturday 7th August @ 10:00-1:00PM

60 minutes from Dublin, 60 minutes from Naas, 40 minutes from Blessington

You can book your place here:

Exercise Together - Reset Lifestyle Retreat

Check our timetable here or contact us for more information.

Exercise Together - check timetable

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