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Maternity Together

Post Natal Fitness & Pilates

What better way to spend your maternity leave than together with other like minded mams under the watchful eye of our health & fitness coach at an Exercise Together class near you. At Exercise Together for maternity we individualize and tailor everything specifically to you. We incorporate Pilates breath work, core activation & stabilization techniques focusing on your pelvic floors which become weak during pregnancy and after birth. We work with your body, through strength training working off functional movements, yoga to lengthen and release the body & Pilates, educating you how to breath correctly and fully connecting it all together, we also work with you on your posture to strengthen and support your body post baby, assisting the body to return to its pre-pregnancy state.

Choose from Exercise Together morning classes and our Pilates class.

Payment can be made below but please contact us first @ to register.

Check our timetable here or contact us for more information.

Exercise Together Timetable
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