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If we haven’t already met, my name is Sarah and my passion is for health, exercise and connection. After having children this was even more important to me. Getting back to exercise was a vital part of my journey as a new mum it allowed me the space and time for me. Over the years incorporating other disciplines of training such as Yoga, Meditation, & Pilates alongside a keen interest in nutrition it has allowed me to experience a sense of wellness on all different levels. I am excited to be able to bring you all along with me and experience this health & fitness lifestyle together.

Whether you are a new mum chasing your tail not knowing what day it is/ you have a busy home life, a very stressful work life or are hard at work studying or starting a new business, life can get so busy. Always on the go doing things for others. Often, we find, we forget about ourselves and doing some of the important pelvic floors...this is certainly one i hear from so many women over the years.  Understanding that, no matter what age we are or if we have children no matter what age our babies are right now that looking after our bodies and how they function will stand to us later in life.  There is no better time than right now to feel your strength Ladies, look after your health and feel connected from the inside out.  Schedule in your workouts like important meetings you just can’t miss out on, that way you only have yourself to answer to if you and maybe me ;)

Join a group of like minded women in your area and feel like a hec of a woman. Together lets create community and connection in your area.  I look forward to sharing my passion with you!

One to one training or small group personal training can be arranged for more specific post pregnancy conditions.  Email us at


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