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Great to be back

Yoga @thePark Indoors

I am loving being back at the Park Centre.  Such a lovely big open space with high ceilings & low lights.  So many different levels & abilities in the one room.  Some, never practiced yoga before.  Some are regulars really delighted to be back again.  Everyone is together, in the same space, experiencing that beautiful sense of wellbeing that a class like this can bring.  There really is, nothing like finishing off your busy day/week with a restful, restorative yoga class.

There is an endless amount of health benefits that can be experienced whilst practicing yoga.   When we are working with the body, through specific postures and linking in the breath, we can learn to tune into how our body feels, moving at our own pace and teaching ourselves how to slow down both physically & mentally.  A weekly/daily practice can help to calm the nervous system, decrease stress levels & help with anxiety.   It also helps us to improve our flexibly, mobility and overall muscle tone & strength which in turn,  improves our posture creating a nice place, for us to live.

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