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#mumandbaby #toddlerfriendly

Classes starting this September in the sunny south east.

Classes are now open for bookings

Wexford town classes start date TBC


Promoting the importance of health, exercise & connection

#postnatalpilates #exercisetogether * What better way to spend your maternity leave than with other like-minded mums together at exercise together. In our #mumandbaby & #toddlerfriendly classes we use a combination of post natal breathing, posture alignment & core activation post natal pilates, retraining the all important pelvic floors, together with resistance training to give us that element of strength & stability that every mum needs to carry out her day day feeling supported from the inside out.

#strengthandconditioning #bodyconbootcamp #weightloss * Build your strength through body weight resistance and weight training. Whether your goal is fitness, toning or weight loss this class will challenge you and help you to achieve just that!

#pilates beginner and intermediate classes* Learn how to activate your core keeping yourself connected and feeling supported.

#yoga and relaxation* When you need a bit of balance in your life roll out that mat and get the body moving, open out those shoulders, hips, ankles and wrists and add a bit of flow and ease to your day. Feel the many benefits of breathing deeply. Calming the body and mind. Come learn the art of stillness. Enjoy this space and time out from your busy day!


Check our timetable here or contact us for more information.












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