As a company we know that providing a service alone is not enough. Motivation and support is a key integral element of our philosophy. We tailor our approach by working with clients to understand their needs, circumstances, lifestyle, and develop a mutually beneficial program for both parties. We, in tandem with our client take pride in the successful attainment of the set goals.

Different employees have varying fitness levels, lifestyles and motivations, so it is likely that a large majority will find it a challenge to participate wholly in a one-size-fits-all corporate wellness program. Certain employees may need greater assistance in nutrition; others require more encouragement to adopt an active lifestyle, while individuals with families will prefer flexible routines that provide them more time with their partners and children.

To ensure a high level of employee engagement you need relevance. It is critical that companies tailor their corporate wellness programs to meet the personal preferences and interests of their employees.

For over the past 17 years we have managed and provided services to an array of customers and companies achieving great success consistently throughout that period. Our customer base realize the importance of providing a health and fitness facility to their employees and the benefits arising from it.
As a company we specialize in not specializing! We are aware of the importance of being able to adapt to an individual, group or company, so that we can provide a service that works with you both on a personal and professional level.
When a Company invests in a facility we ensure it works. We ensure it serves its purpose and to the highest standard possible.

Some of the companies/associations we have worked with:

  • Matheson Prentice
  • Anglo Irish Banking
  • RTE
  • The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland
  • Seven Psychology
  • Google
  • Microsoft Ireland 
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