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6 Week Challenge Your "Self"

Online Coaching & Weight Loss


A time to get refocused together with our weekly meets and personalised sessions just for you, and your stage of your journey. Whether your a beginner, improver, post partum or just getting back after the Summer break.  This program supports , motivates and guides you in the right direction and through each step along the way, with that one to one attention that personal training brings.

Classes are a combination of recorded and live sessions. Including Wellness Relaxation  Yoga, Pilates, Post Natal, Exercise Together, Strength & Conditioning and Body Conditioning.  Challenge your "self" on all levels, challenge your habits, challenge your daily routine and get out of your comfort zone into a feeling of moving in the right direction both mentally & physically.

Who is this program for:

* Beginners        -   Looking for direction, long term results, support & sustainability

* Improvers        -   Motivation, Support, Coaching & accountability

* Post Partum   -    Nutrition guidance & Coaching with support of our post natal programs

Join our community of like minded women and let's challenge our selves together!

Start date: Sunday  September 5th

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