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Challenge yourself on all levels, challenge your habits, challenge your beliefs and get out of your comfort zone.  Allow yourself to feel free from habits and behaviours that have held you back for so long.  Would you like to move better, eat better, sleep better, think better, feel better?  Do you have some body fat you would like to lose but just can't shift?  Are you sick of standing on the weighing scales every other week?   Are you sick of yo yo dieting dropping weight and putting it back on just as quick?  Are you sick of calorie counting?  Would you like the support to move towards a healthier way of life?

If you answer YES to any of the above, well this program is just for you.  

Imagine being  free from all the above and allowing your focus just to be on you, and how you feel inside and out knowing that what you are doing is everything you need to do to feel the way that you always wanted to feel.  

Join our community of like minded women and let's challenge together!

Start date: Monday June 7th @ 8:15pm

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